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About Yu

We are Yu Collective.

Yu was formed with a sense of bringing a minimal way of fashion. Making Yu a reality and introducing it into the market and making it a community where the brand and people stay together on one idea of minimal fashion is our goal.

The formal idea of Yu came out initially from one mind-our founder, but gradually a group of creative minds were formed breathing life into this idea and creating the big vision that we have now. Yu is not just not from a single mind but from collective minds- a community that embraces the uniqueness of different individuals, something which we believe and stand for.

The hustle!

The Yu you see now is the effort and work by many talented millennials making our collective idea of designs, fashion, photography, art and style creative and unique in its own way staying in a minimal line. We make sure in choosing specifics especially with the fabric, the stitch & the colors that resonate with the brand. What makes Yu different from other brands is something we discussed very much internally. Portraying what Yu is with our clothes, colors, style, pictures and videos with a sense of minimal appreciating its aesthetic raw beauty is something we strive for..

The journey

One of the major steps we had to overcome was making the idea of Yu into a reality as a brand. This is where almost everyone gives up. But we stayed strong and pushed forward and now you see the fruition of all our hard work making Yu a reality. Now that Yu has come into being, the constant and growing challenge we face is to make sure it grows and make our goals and values sustain for a long term. Even though we had a couple of setbacks while making the brand. The whole process of building Yu from scratch was fun with progressive learning.


By being a part of Yu you are helping us build a fashion statement which is minimal and embraces yourself with a sense of free flow experience elevating your fashion and wardrobe.

Yu Collective